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Electric Aluminum Projector Lift APL100

Electric Aluminum Projector Lift APL100

POWER SUPPLY              220-230V 50Hz


TORQUE                                                                                  15NM

MOTOR SPEED                                                                   17RPM
DIMENSIONS LIFT CLOSED                                          576X160X550mm (WxHxD)

DIMENSIONS LIFT OPENED                                         576x960x550mm (WxHxD)

DIMENSIONS LIFT OPENED including fixing               576x1244x550mm (WxHxD)

System for the panel of the false ceiling 

GRILLE TOTAL DIMENSIONS                                         410x450mm (WxD)

GRILLE INTERNAL DIMENSIONS                                  350x450mm (WxD)

MAXIMUM CAPACITY                                                      15KG

CABLE GATHERING SYSTEM (internal dimensions)        20x18mm (WxH)

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